New chapter of I Can't Handle This 'Fearless', Go and read it.

spread the love. XOXO, me.

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Hanging out at Tumblr HQ with @finnharries 

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New chapter of I Can't Handle This (The phone call)


As you asked, here’s the new chapter, please spread the word, it would mean a lot to me, I hope you enjoy it reading it as much I enjoyed writing it! 

xoxo, me.

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New chapter of 'I can't handle this. - Goodbye.'

As you asked, here’s the new chapter of the cheeky and dangerous fanfiction of Jack and Finn, hope you enjoy it. Please means a lot to me if you vote and comment the chapter. Don’t forget to tell your friends and family about this! Thank you.

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"You know what never gets old? Revenge."

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safe-hiding said: Hello! i'm following you on my first blog, please check out my second blog "harriesgappers" xoxo :3

I will! x

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A Prince To Die. (read more) [new chapter]

"What happened at the end of the diary? - I asked.

"You have to read it by yourself, because you won’t believe me" - He said

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A Prince To Die (Chapter number 10 of I can't hadle this) Enjoy it!


A new chapter people!!! Read it and tell me what do you think about it, don’t forget to tell to your friends and more, it means a lot, thank you very much!! Leave your coments PLEASE! 

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